Women in Leadership – Your Questions Answered…

Leadership for women is one of the hot topics today because so many women want to level up and make a difference, this is why I created TripleM – the leadership programme for high-performing women.

Every day I receive questions about leadership issues like:


How do I get heard at meetings and be taken seriously?

How can I manage my team to succeed more (or for the first time?)

How can I become more confident in my abilities AND let others know?

How can I make better presentations and be noticed?

How can I make a real difference?


There are specific ways to accomplish and surpass all of the above that include tried and tested techniques, as well as personal development breakthroughs…in other words it is about shifting your mindset from thinking one way, to totally thinking another way.

It’s about ALLOWING yourself to be all you can be and not worrying about what others think, whether you fit in or not or whether you will be seen as a troublemaker.

It is also about GROWING into the leader that has a big vision and is not afraid to build a team around it to make it happen.

I believe you are a natural leader, but you may well be holding yourself back. If this is you and you would like to move ahead in your career at a faster and more solid pace, instead of waiting around and hoping that one day you will be noticed, then I invite you to join me on my TripleM programme. Go here to see how this can make a significant impact in your life today.


Alexandra’s leadership programme for women is open for applications, for more details visit www.AlexandraWatson.com/leadership

Alexandra Watson is a best-selling author, leading Success Mentor, coach and key-note speaker, she is also the founder of The Success Experience, SHINE magazine, Time to Shine Radio and TripleM – the leadership programme for women. She has worked with leading corporations, leading individuals, celebrities and business women for the last 20 years. For more information about her go to www.AlexandraWatson.com