Women in Leadership Part III – Creating a Leadership Style…

What exactly is a leadership ‘style’? It may be obvious to you, but let me just take one for the ‘authenticity rules’ team….surely if we are adopting or being influenced by a role model then we are not being authentic leaders…we are merely some office based version of a parrot? Even worse, monkey-see, monkey-do.

Yes I know there are certain styles, but why adopt one when you can break the mould…create something even better and really put your stamp on things. Let’s face it, when we see people doing this we are always impressed and inspired, especially if we experience this up close. But not many of us have ever had this in our lives.

It is at this point you may ask me, why should I recreate the wheel? Why not adopt and adapt a preferred style and make it my own? And I would say to that; ‘Great, you do that! But it is still only ever going to be a lesser version of a truly original creation.’

Eager to try your own, just to see what happens?


Here is my guide to creating an authentic leadership style (i.e. your OWN version)


  1. What are you really passionate about? This is NOT to be your stock answer, or the one the sounds the best, or the one your parents, friends, husband wants you to have. This has to be the truth for you.
  2. Now, think about how can create that passion, change, impact, whatever within your immediate work environment
  3. Give that a date deadline
  4. Think about the resources you already have to help make this happen, This could be your personality, strengths, flexibility, social skills, sales skills and so on.
  5. Create the environment within a bubble, make it a success and then take it worldwide…or at least to the rest of the crew in your department.
  6. You never give up, you never give in and you never listen to criticism or negativity. Get the job done and hey presto, you are an original leader!


This is how the greats do it. They follow their passion, an undiluted version of their passion. Your true passion will be unique, so let it lead the way. Be original, be all you can be, don’t wait to be asked, don’t wait for permission or the right time…dig deep and start now!


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Alexandra Watson is a best-selling author, leading Success Mentor, coach and key-note speaker, she is also the founder of The Success Experience, SHINE magazine, Time to Shine Radio and TripleM – the leadership programme for women. She has worked with leading corporations, leading individuals, celebrities and business women for the last 20 years. For more information about her go to www.AlexandraWatson.com