Who inspires you? How to be an INSPIRATION | Alexandra Watson
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Who inspires you? How to be an INSPIRATION

Millions of outstanding books have been written, buildings designed, philosophies developed, masterpieces painted, music composed, movies made and inventions patented on the back of their creator being inspired. Inspiration is what gives the human race its juice. Our ability to create is unlimited and unstoppable and all it takes is a small spark to light the creative fire. Feeling inspired is one of the greatest emotions we can experience as it lights us up from within and gives us incredible strength and power beyond reason.

I get inspired by many different things, people and places (I love London for instance), I also feel inspired when I am surrounded by incredible people and acts of immense courage like the recent Invictus Games run by Prince Harry. The energy is intense yet lifting and so I look for inspiration and being inspired all the time.

On the other side I can tell when something has been created without inspiration. It doesn’t stand out, it’s soulless and empty. It is when you feel captivated, enthralled and tingly that you realise what you are experiencing was created out of pure inspiration. When somebody is inspired they can become possessed, obsessed and completely focused on whatever it is they are crafting and in some cases to the detriment of their health, private lives and careers, that’s how powerful and intoxicating it can be.

Take a good look around you. Who would you say is an inspiration in your life? It can be anyone from your Dad to the Dalai Lama. And there are countless ways to be inspired too from moralistically to motivationally, so ask yourself what is it about them that inspires me?

Its one thing to be inspired, but how do you become an inspiration? What needs to happen (if it hasn’t already) for you to be somebody’s idol?

The answer is easier than you would imagine:

1. Be Yourself: Be true to who you really are. No one gets inspired by somebody who is not being themselves. Don’t waste your time wanting to be someone else, embrace who YOU are.

2. Be the Best Version of Yourself: Now you can take it up to the next level by being great at being you! It works like this…get rid of any negative thoughts about yourself, totally trust and follow your intuition and know you are pretty magnificent without being arrogant about it.

3. Be Inspired: When you are inspired, you become inspiring to others. So always be on the look out for someone or something inspiring.

4. Live it Everyday: Be consistent with all the above. Let it become part of your life, part of who you are.

5. Live it Big: Constantly think how you can take your life to the next level. Ask yourself everyday, how can I make my relationships/career/love life more inspired?

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