What to drop in 2015 to help you and your business grow | Alexandra Watson
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What to drop in 2015 to help you and your business grow

Stop trying to learn how to do activities you weren’t meant to do… things you’re not good at… don’t like doing… but have been fooled to feel are necessary for your success… because they aren’t.

Stop spreading yourself too thin by trying to market yourself and your business on every social platform… on every online channel… using every form of media… with marketing that offers too little value (if any)… because you’ll never rise above the clutter by adding to it.


And stop thinking the challenges you face stem from outside your business… that you’ll solve them somehow by thinking outside the box… with superficial sales strategies… with nothing more than window dressing… because it simply won’t work. Not now, not ever…

Why? Because…


You’ll never grow your business and solve your problems from the outside in when the source of your struggles stems from somewhere else. To achieve the success you’re after, you need to get back inside your business…and do those things your prospects, customers, clients and marketplace are looking for.

And that’s what this article is about – how to rid yourself of the wrong approach and grow your business from the inside out. Because it’s there, inside your business, is where you’ll find the core drive of every entrepreneur’s business success. And as you’ll soon see, it’s a very different approach than the outside-in approach you’ve been doing to date.

Let’s take a look at one fundamental problem most business owners experience:

Symptoms: Buying anything that looks like it’ll make you be more successful, getting no results.

Cause: Opportunistic thinking

Business Problem: Lack of Strategy

The very first obstacle we need to look at is you and your thinking.

The way I see things is that there are two different opposing ways of thinking when it comes to building a business. There’s opportunistic thinking and strategic thinking.

Opportunity seekers think opportunistically and entrepreneurs think strategically. An opportunity seeker is always looking for their big opportunity to make lots of money from the hot opportunity of the moment. Their only criteria is, “Can I make this work for me too?” So today it’s Pinterest, tomorrow it something else, and yesterday it was some other hot concept already forgotten.

Opportunity seekers buy lots of products, and they use only a few of them, and the ones they do use get abandoned when the next so-called one comes by. The question they ask themselves is, “What’s should I try next?”

A true entrepreneur, on the other hand, is a completely different animal altogether. An entrepreneur has a clear vision of what they want the business to become. Because they have a vision they can analyze their own strengths, their competitor’s strengths, the marketplace preferences and devise different strategies for achieving their vision. After reviewing the pros and cons of each strategic alternative they pick the one strategy most certain to successfully achieve their vision. The entrepreneur knows that their biggest opportunity is always inside their business, following their ideal strategy and not the hot product that everyone is talking about.

And here’s the rub, the overwhelming majority of business owners are opportunity seekers. They have no strategy, they hop from one approach to another, and while they may have some arbitrary income goal they have no vision of the business they would need to create in order to achieve it. And since they don’t have a clear vision they cannot follow any sort of detailed plan to accomplish it. So they end up buying anything and everything that comes with a big promise of easy money with the hope that this is going to be it – this is their big chance to make it big. They especially love (and fall victim to) the“Business in a box” products where the promises are huge rewards with little to no effort.

It’s all nonsense and a great waste of time…and I hate wasting time! So if you feel you’ve been more of an opportunity seeker than entrepreneur take a look at this chart and see where you stand today:


Now you have a clearly idea of what you’re doing and why, then perhaps its time to build a strong strategy for 2015? 

Photo credit (Calendar): Joe Lanman / Foter / CC BY Photo credit (Social Media graphic):Sean MacEntee / Foter / CC BY