What Does ‘It’ for YOU and why knowing what THAT can make you more successful | Alexandra Watson
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What Does ‘It’ for YOU and why knowing what THAT can make you more successful

Ever heard the expression from the movie Jerry McGuire, ‘You got me at hello’? This is exactly how I feel when I see or hear something that just makes me come alive. Basically there is nothing else they or ‘it’ has to do or say because I KNOW 100% that they have me, on board, signed, sealed and delivered!


Now this can be a place, a pair of pink shoes (no apologies for that one!), a shiny dress (again, no apologies), a car (yes I am a petrol head) or another business person. The feeling of certainty that I’m having me some of that is truly a great one and in order for you to have that happen to you, a lot (and let’s face it who wouldn’t?!), then you have to know yourself and what you want pretty clearly.

Wouldn’t you just LOVE your potential clients or customers to feel that way about you?

You bet! And they will when you put this into action:


Get CLEAR about what YOU want

Yes, YOU need to know what YOU want BEFORE they will want to work with you. This is sooo true I can even begin to stress how much you need to get this before you can be really succeed consistently. Why? Well here’s the thing, you need to have CLARITY aboutwho you want to work with and how you want to work with them – its got to make you feel great just by thinking about it because if it doesn’t get YOU excited it sure has heck won’t get THEM excited!

Imagine for a moment that you’re unclear about who you want to work with and how you want to work…how does that make you feel? It’s not good right? Of course not because nothing gives you peace of mind and pathway to success like clarity can.

The opposite of clarity is what I describe as fogginess with a touch of mediocrity and dash of vague and its tastes AWFUL!!! If you come from this place when you’re trying to be in business successfully you will struggle over and over again until you hit the ‘sweet spot’ (if at all, because not everyone does or ‘allows’ themselves to get there.) Sad but true.

Yes that’s right, can you believe that some people prefer to STAY in the fog and stay small and struggling! INSANE! But it happens ALL THE TIME!

            Maybe, just maybe you are a little guilty of doing this too? Because you want to be ‘safe’ and feel secure and the very thought of actually standing out and being successful frightens you. Fear of success (and fear of failure) will hold you back and sabotage your efforts to improve your business growth.

I just want you to know this…


Fear is a choice and people, just like you, overcome fears all the time. So which would you prefer to have FEAR OR CLARITY?


I want to end with this, I’m doing what I love, going to places I love and working with people I love because I have clarity – do what it takes to have clarity too – you’ll thank me for it!

Photo credit: kevin dooley / Foter / CC BY