THINK BIG DREAM BIG | Alexandra Watson
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When did you notice that your big dream had been redesigned as a big fat compromise?

I’m writing this blog today with such passion because I have just had yet another heart-breaking, highly frustrating conversation with someone very close to me. Their idea of life is to cut your cloth according to your income, in other words stay small, live small and act small. Don’t take risks and never ever borrow money.

Now I’m not saying financially you should take unnecessary risks (although some risks are good), but what I am saying is what’s the point?

What IS the point of living frugally? Thinking frugally and being OK with experiencing frugality when as sensible as it sounds is NOT I believe how we should be living.

Whatever happened to Thinking Big and Dreaming Big?

Did we lose this ability or (excuse the expression), our balls to do this along the way?!

What have we all turned into? Shrinking violets?

Where is the lust for life? The sheer unadulterated passion of making our dreams come true and living our DreamLife?

I want to meet THOSE people, I want to be a part of THAT crowd – I don’t want anything to do with those who believe that waiting, procrastinating and starving yourself of life is OK.

You want to know WHY I’m super-psyched about this?

I lost my beautiful Husband to cancer two years ago in July. No one in my professional life knows this…until now.

And you know what? Losing him has made me even more determined to make the most of the life that I do have RIGHT NOW!

And I urge you to do the same.

We’re too complacent and let time roll on and on. Before we realise years have gone by and not much has changed.

How long are you going to let your Dream slip away?

Don’t you want it anymore? Or do you think that it can never happen?

Stop thinking and acting randomly…get clear on what you want and how you’re going to go about it.

If you have ever read a testimonial from someone who has made a big breakthrough in their life or business, you’ll notice that they tell you it happened within a year or six months or even the first month they started to work on it.

In other words, when you really WANT something to change, then you don’t hang about, you get on with it!

I can’t tell you how many times I tell people to do that…just GET ON WITH IT!

What are you waiting for?!!

Speed builds momentum and momentum moves mountains.


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