The Myths About Being a Speaker and the 7 Deadly Sins Many Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them | Alexandra Watson
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The Myths About Being a Speaker and the 7 Deadly Sins Many Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them

I know you’re interested in becoming a Speaker or becoming a great speaker who makes a real impact.

And you may have heard me say before that speaking is one of the best ways to be seen as an expert, but not only that it really is the best way to enrol clients.


It is the truth…but here are some myths about speaking you need to be aware of:

The first myth is

That you need speaker qualifications or credentials. If you mention it to any true professional speaker out there who is from the old school of speaking they would say you have to join the National Speakers Associations or Toastmasters to get your certifications first. That’s just nonsense.
That you have to perfect to get started. I can teach people how to be great speakers, and I challenge them to get out there in the right way, but you have to be authentic rather than perfect. People say to themselves, oh when I’ve practiced this or perfected that, then I’ll be a speaker. I think the right training is more important and then you can perfect being a professional speaker.
The third myth is that people think they have to be someone they’re not. Success in anything is about being authentic…no copying anyone else’s style! I love to take people’s strengths, their personality, draw it out and dazzle people with it. A speaker sells themselves before they sell anything else.
Ok now let’s talk about the deadly mistakes that most speakers make and how to avoid them:

These are really common mistakes and good news is they can be avoided when you know what they are and how to control them – I’m going to start with a biggie…

1. …and that’s fear…so mistake number one is to let your fear run the show

You may be brave enough to stand up and talk, but your fear takes over your mind then your body which can end up in a whole heap of mess! There are ways to conquer your fear, even when merely thinking about public speaking makes you go weak at the knees! I work with actresses, performers, film directors and singers who have suffered from stage fright or performance anxiety and I’ve helped them to create their best ever performances. I helped Leona Lewis when she was the eventual winner of the UK’s X Factor show with Simon Cowell…so I am mentioning this because I want you to see that these clients of mine have had extreme circumstances to work with and have felt fear take over, and so if I can help them, go out and perform fantastically well in front of millions of people live on stage or on TV then I know for sure I can help you with whatever your personal speaking challenges are!

2. Mistake number Two is my biggest speaking pet peeve…and that’s speaking with your notes in your hand! Oh my goodness I cannot begin to tell you how much of a no, no this is! You know what? Let me tell you a little secret here, a few years ago I was looking forward to sharing the stage with someone I have known about for a long time, a well-known figure in a certain industry and I can only tell you I was completely disappointed to my very core when I saw this person do their entire talk reading notes…awful, just awful…and I’ll tell you why this is such a speaking sin…when you read from your notes there are several massive mistakes you are making all one go – I don’t have time here to go through each one so I’ll just pick one for now…and that is your showing the audience that you don’t trust yourself…which leads me to ask this – if you don’t trust you, why should they trust you? If you don’t trust yourself to KNOW your talk and do it with flair and confidence WITHOUT notes, why should they believe a word you say? If you do this, do a talk with your notes and don’t get the results you want, now you know why! There is a lot of fear around this mistake and I love helping people with this.

3. Mistake number three is – The use of humour – when done incorrectly, it can either go one way or the other…you can make a joke that falls flat where you get an embarrassed silence in the room as the audience have zero reaction at your attempt to make fun or…you can become the joker, so that your humour goes down well, but you do too much and your talk becomes diluted in its message and impact because people only remember laughing and little else.

4. Mistake number four is about making the talk and talk experience about you and Not the audience – I have seen so many speakers make this mistake where you see them there up on stage just going on and on and on about themselves, and sure enough when you witness this for yourself you see the audiences eyes glaze over and they’ve lost them. And once you’ve lost an audience it is very difficult to get them back on side. The words they use are ‘when I did this’ and ‘when I can do that’ – basically who cares…even if you’re a celebrity, and I’ve seen celebrity speakers do this! I mean who cares? The answer is: no one.

There is a step by step structure that I use and teach that puts the emphasis of your talk in the right place so you know how to structure any talk you do both now and in the future, along with the best way to keep the audience hanging on your every word…when you apply this technique you’ll always get great feedback.

5. This next mistake is so rudimentary, so avoidable I am still flabbergasted when I see it raise its ugly head when listening to a speaker…its creating a talk that has no beginning, no middle and no real end!

I work with hundreds of people every year on their talks and helping them devise an impactful talk, what I call a signature talk a talk that is not only well constructed but sells you and your business powerfully but not salesy in any way and engages the audience right from their opening words to their closing line. It’s amazing to see the transformations that occur when you finally know how to construct a talk with polish and pizzazz!

6. Now this one, Mistake Number six is speaking to the wrong audience! This can be a huge problem. You must be a well-targeted speaker and have a talk that sings to your ideal audience other wise whatever you say is falling on deaf ears.

You need the right talk, to the right people.

Ok here’s the final deadly mistake…

7. and that is MONEY! Yes it’s true, good old money plays a huge part in speaking – as it should do, but you have to know what you’re doing especially when it comes to your speaking fee and of course, when it comes to selling. Now both of these money points are quite controversial and I am sure that you have so many questions about what to charge as your speaking fee and when to charge it, and perhaps how to sell from the stage and how to do it correctly.

But the first thing you need to know is 99% of speakers out there are making a mistake when it comes to fees or making any money from their events.

It is such a shame and not at all how it works!

Not everyone wants to make heaps of money from speaking, they just want to pass on their message to people and I get that…BUT

Speaking is the best way to attract clients and business, to elevate yourself and your cause and so money greases the wheels of so many aspects of life that you should be in the know of what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to speaking and money.

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In the meantime

Be all you can be!

Alexandra Watson