The main route to success…is conquering yourself | Alexandra Watson
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The main route to success…is conquering yourself

I see it all the time, at conferences, seminars and networking events, women WANT to be successful but they haven’t quite managed it yet. What they have been doing so far hasn’t worked 100% and so they do spend much of their time and money trying to find the magic ‘thing’ that will make all the difference and finally get them the success they desire.

Not really a great way to go about it. Not only because of the time and money spent chasing success -whether it be trying to fathom out social media, Pinterest, marketing or selling – it’s the disappointment that only a small amount of difference is made after all that effort.

The reason it ultimately fails every time is because the biggest mistake being made here is that we are all trying to solve the issues that are centred around the symptoms and NOT focusing on the actual cause.

What keeps success and happiness at bay is our self – nothing else, just our own sweet self. Sorry it’s harsh, but true.

It is our self that wants the success but never allows it happen, its our self that believes that success is going to come along ‘one day soon’ and it is our self that believes that we are not powerful enough to have or handle success. So we stayed trapped, stuck and frustrated.

We have to master certain elements in our belief system and psyche. These elements are the lies that we tell ourselves about our self. They go along the lines of: ‘I’m not the decision maker in my life, because I rely on my husband to tell me what to do and give me permission to do what I want.’ This is VERY common excuse for not being successful and most of the time goes undetected. There is a lot of denial around excuses like this where we say we want something (like more success) but actually throw objects in our own way making it difficult to get to that success point.

Whether you need your husbands approval, or permission from your mother or some other deep felt disempowering belief, it’s time to drop it.

Let me ask you this; do you want to be that person who never quite makes it? Who gives up on the dream and settles for less than you deserve? Because if you’re not making great progress in your business right now, that is where you’re heading. Mediocre results and all.

Conquering the inner doubt, that fear that tells you that you have to wait for success or that you have to jump through more hoops before your ready will be a challenge, but it is a MUST DO before you will allow success in.

Maybe, just maybe its time to leave all that behind you and decide to move forward. I call it stepping up and it usually involves leaving behind your old self. To make a real impact in your business before the year is out, end on a high, you owe it to yourself and all that hard work you have already put in, to let go of the belief that you are not the decision maker, the Queen Bee, the powerful self.