THE IMPORTANCE OF CLOSING THE YEAR – So that 2016 can be YOUR best yet! | Alexandra Watson
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THE IMPORTANCE OF CLOSING THE YEAR – So that 2016 can be YOUR best yet!

As part of my new venture called The Success Experience , I wanted to give a highly-underrated but very effective exercise to do to close 2015 and end this year properly.

I order to make way for the new and allow even more success in to your life, you have to clear the way. In other words, leave behind you what no longer serves you. These simple questions will help you do just that.

It is all about making space for what you want AND to make sure you don’t begin the New Year with what you DON’T want!

I want you to do something I ask all my clients to do first though and that is to just imagine what more success in your life would look like, what it would feel like and how it would change your life for the better…get a strong image of this and what success IS for you and what it means to you…YOUR definition, Your image of it and make it BOLD and make it BIG!

I often say that we FEEL our way to success and this is where you start by using your inner resources to pull together an image and a FEELING to go with that image. You HAVE to know what success will MEAN to you – you need to know your WHY.

My philosophy is that anyone can be more successful as long as they have the commitment and the know-how. I can’t give you the commitment, that has to come from you…but I can give you the know-how and this will be the focus of everything I give to you in 2016 with The Success Experience.

You can become a member of the Success Experience and get more information about it and access to my amazing  experts by visiting our events page



OK let’s get stuck into it!

I’m going to take you through a closing process for this year because here’s the place where we muck it up. We set our NEW resolutions, our NEW goals, our NEW dreams… without ever taking stock of where we are NOW in our businesses, careers and lives. I’m always surprised at how little clarity women have of where they are right now – their finances, achievements and challenges. It’s almost like they feel afraid to look. And yet when we peer into the dark, we can shine a light on exactly where we are right now, and where we need to head. It’s incredibly useful and powerful.

2015 happened to you the way it did for a reason. Sometimes there are reasons you cannot possibly begin to know right now. At other times the reason and the blessing is easy to see. Even when it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to happen. It’s all taking you to where you need to go. You are getting braver, deeper, wiser, more beautiful by the moment, by the day, by the year. To discover every part of yourself. To grow wiser than you ever thought possible. To find the light even in the darkest cave. Let’s celebrate and release 2015. And clear the pathway for the miracles to come.

Let me ask you some questions, write them down and answer them as best you can:

  1. What did you accomplish in 2015?
  2. What was the WORST thing about 2015
  3. What did you learn from that?
  4. What was the BEST thing about 2015?
  5. What did you learn from that?
  6. What dreams came true for you?
  7. What were your weak spots and how can you improve them?
  8. What challenges and blessings did you have?
  9. What biz or career lessons did you learn?
  10. What relationship/health or happiness lessons did you learn?
  11. How did you treat yourself this year and how would like to improve this in 2016?
  12. What do you need to write down or clear your mind of in order to feel at peace with 2015?
  13. What are you particularly grateful for 2015 bringing you?

I hope this helps you leave 2015 with a balanced and peaceful mindset, so that you are ready to embrace the NEW.

I just want to point out at this juncture that being ready is very key. Not everyone is READY for Success – so the closing of 2015 may help you do this as well as what I’m going to take you through next.

Be all you can be!