The 3 Elements of Inner Power | Alexandra Watson
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The 3 Elements of Inner Power

Inner Power is talked about a lot when it comes to being more successful. So what does it mean exactly?

Often I like to break things down to a practical level, for ease of use and understanding and your Inner Power is no exception. I’ve highlighted 3 different ways you can directly access and experience your Inner Power so as to help you on your success journey.


You’ll see that some of the characteristics are things you have known about for a while and some may be things you are practicing regularly already. But the beauty of seeing them all laid out together is that you will more readily be able to see where you have gaps or missing elements. Additionally, the following can inspire you to make certain tweaks to your behaviour today to feel more powerful almost immediately.

1.     Energy – the power within.

Having a sense of your own energy is powerful. You know when you’re feeling energised, when you’re giving off good vibes and feeling high on life. Your natural energy is going up and to those around you, you are ‘on form’. You feel yourself, you feel good.

Similarly, you know when you’re ‘off’. You have little energy, focus or impetus to do or achieve anything. You don’t feel yourself and you don’t feel good.

All this ‘energy feeling’ information is more important than you know. This is because if you begin to understand it more you can use it in a powerful and transformational way. Simply gravitate to what gives you a feeling of high energy and move away from what makes you feel de-energised.

Be aware of you energy levels as often as you can to ensure that you create an environment that nurtures and excites your energy. The more energetic you feel, the better you feel…and the better you feel the more positive and high energy things you will automatically attract into your life. Like success for example. Your energy, like your feelings are a guide, a radar almost that can take you closer to what you need to be close to in order to help you grow and succeed.


High Energy = Good   Low Energy = Bad

 2.     Force – may it be with you!

Force or ‘active power’ is you in action, on the go and on track to succeed. You may have noticed when someone seems to be ‘on a mission’ – the force of their presence is quite something. You notice it because it is like they are buzzing. This is because they are using their energy, seeing what is working and it makes them feel good. They are on a roll, moving from good thing to next good thing and this has the magical ability of generating something quite rare and that’s MOMENTUM.

It is in this element that you too can become a force – like the ‘force of nature’ we talked about earlier.

Momentum is powerful, momentum shakes up the Universe and demands that everyone pays attention. It gets results fast and it accelerates your success by its sheer energy and your will.


Think about how you can create momentum or more momentum within your Success Journey


3.     Resolve – controlled applied power.

This is the ability to push and keep pushing until you get the result you want. It is like an insistence that you shall be successful no matter what. It is about being on your Success Journey for the long run – the full experience of success instead of just the occasional taster.

Resolve gives you super-human strength. It can help you to be consistent, resourceful and creative – all elements that success needs. It can help you focus and build upon each success (or failure) along the way. Set-backs to this element are par for the course, in other words inconsequential. Resolve stops us form being overly emotional because it hasn’t got the time, it just wants to get the job done. It fully understands the ‘why’ of your success AND the reward of achievement. This deep understanding is what fuels it. It gets all its power from knowing exactly what the success you desire will give you.


If you lack resolve, you lack an understanding of WHY you want success, of what it REALLY means to you and ultimately gives you.


Next Time: I’ll be taking you on a journey that highlights EXACTLY what Success demands of you in order for it to show-up in your life.

In the meantime, be all you can be!

Photo credit: Arjan Richter / Foter / CC BY Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC