Taking control of that little voice in your head! | Alexandra Watson
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Taking control of that little voice in your head!

An excerpt from Spiral Thinking, an ebook by Career Expert Gina Churchill

So that little voice in your head – you know the one I mean! That nagging voice in your head that just keeps talking to you all the time, it quite often starts conversations with “what if”….”What if it all goes wrong?” “What if they say no?” “What if you fall on your face” “What if you forget what you were going to say”

I spent so many years letting that voice have air-time in my head, I dread to think of the number of opportunities I let it talk me out of!   The only thing you are allowing it to do is justify why you shouldn’t do the thing you are contemplating.

IS IT THE VOICE OF REASON??  – NO it is absolutely NOT the voice of reason – that little voice in an untrained format is, in fact, THE VOICE OF WORST CASE SCENARIO EVER  – it is the voice of total negativity, the voice telling you not to take risks, not to get outside of that comfort zone (we’ll come to that later), the voice that says play safe, be grateful for where you are, you don’t need to change anything we’re fine where we are, DON’T ROCK THE BOAT – WE’LL ALL SINK”.  It is the voice of the fear of change……

Sometimes you can hear the voice, sometimes you are totally aware of it, which is great because it gives you half a chance of answering back to all of those ‘What Ifs’! Other times however, that voice just gets away with talking straight to your sub-conscious mind, without you even hearing it, and therefore, without your conscious self knowing anything about it – and that is the danger zone right there. Let me explain why – here is a technical part – your subconscious mind has no strategy for counter-balancing anything it is told – it doesn’t question any communication that is sent to it – it doesn’t think – oh that’s wrong, right, illegal, immoral, highly unlikely, or any other judgements.   Your sub-conscious mind is just one great big hard drive where all the information just flows right in and is stored. FOREVER.

Every message received, believed, accepted and stored – to come back out at any given notice.  DANGER! This hard drive of info opens for business before you are even born – as soon as you are capable of receiving messages, in they go. It stores messages right through your life, with many of the messages received during childhood forming the basis of your beliefs; these beliefs come from your culture, how you were brought up, your society, community, maybe your church or religion, as well as your values.

Your values form what you sub-consciously believe to be good or bad, right or wrong, important or not, acceptable or not, and all of that information comes back out of your subconscious hard drive and contributes to what you believe of others and more importantly what you believe of yourself – your expectation of yourself, your perception of yourself, what you believe your capabilities to be – what you believe your limitations to be, and how far you believe you should push yourself….or to put it another way…

You define your own limitations – you create your own limits and put them in place yourself  

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