Stress Within Women | Alexandra Watson
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Stress Within Women

Extract of SHINE UK Magazine (Summer 2016 edition) article by Lisa Hawkyard

“I’m stressed!”

Sound familiar? Is this a cry for help, an overused saying or a genuine feeling of overwhelm encountered by so many each day?

As women, why do we have such high expectations to prove to the world that we can do anything we put our minds to and then add more pressure to ourselves just for good measure? Do we neglect our true inner-self and our basic need to be appreciated and acknowledged by others and even by ourselves? Do we actually realise what an amazing effort we make when juggling the different obligations undertaken on a daily basis?

There are days however, where p.j’s, a duvet and no hairbrush are very enticing! I know that from my own perception, I have set out to show that I can do it all and have it all and still be a picture of radiance and the perfect Mother Earth.

I am a mother first. It is the most blessed role and I am insanely proud of my children and the relationships we have between us. In the past though I was unaware of the other roles we have within us and often became low and anxious.


I was unaware that there is a Warrior, Goddess and the very important and often overlooked Inner-Child…

We will re-visit this aspect later on.

The female psyche has a totally different formation to that of our male counterpart. Men have an innate ability to box away completely separate issues that come their way and tend to, on the whole, open just one box at a time, deal with contents, close the lid and onto the next box! So, I show support and sympathy to the men who are told they cannot “multi-task”, that tends to be the case because they actually think of just one thing at a time – How wonderful and time-saving is that? A little envious? Yes. Me too!

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