On Your Mark, Get Set…GO!!! | Alexandra Watson
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On Your Mark, Get Set…GO!!!

How to Race into the New Year Knowing Your Going in the RIGHT Direction!

We’re all supposed to be leaping and bounding into the New Year with hope in our hearts and our eyes on the goal, but how’s that working out for you? We can get such conflicting information this time of year…make goals…don’t make goals! It can all leave us feeling, well underwhelmed

Here is my guide to making setting the right tone for easy-success (yes there is such a thing!) in 2015, so you can stop your pondering and wondering and get going…in the right direction!

First of all dump the following immediately…

  1. What didn’t work
  2. What you don’t like doing
  3. What you’re competitors are doing
  4. Any negativity
  5. The next shiny bright object!

Hang on to:

  1. What worked (so you can improve it)
  2. Your determination
  3. Your belief in yourself

To Goal set or not to Goal set?

I’m a firm believer in Goals – ‘Soul Goals’ that is. It’s a term I came up with back in 2003 when I was coaching 80% of my time on helping my clients create goals that actually inspire them and work wonders. ‘Soul’ because you have to use your inner wisdom to create your goals and NOT your logic (very usually closely followed by your fear). So much time and effort is wasted when you make the WRONG goals!

I also believe that once you’ve made a soul goal, you’ve set an intention, made a firm decision and are pointing in one direction – this is vital for success. But here’s the thing…you must above all understand that your success is ENTIRELY up to you. You can decide, accept, reject and mold and make things as you want them to be…no matter what circumstances you face.

I suggest making your New Year’s Business Resolution to be:


Nail Your Marketing!


Marketing is a mystery to many, I know because in my former life I was a Marketing Consultant helping many companies understand and work with their messaging correctly. It’s a subject you can never ignore if you’re in business because it is not only HOW you communicate with your clients, it is the SOLUTION to most of your business problems!

I know, I Know, you don’t like marketing, you don’t know what you’re doing half the time, not to mention Social Media, so what SHOULD you be doing?

Well, it’s easy…

  1. Know your market
  2. Shine and stand out
  3. Spend money in this area consistently
  4. Personalise
  5. Be bold and beautiful!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because you also need to know HOW to do the above properly whilst avoiding all the many, many, many, many pitfalls! Fun eh?! Well, it is for me ; )

I love it and help hundreds of business owners every year get clear on their marketing once and for all…its amazing the difference this makes because you really can’t move anywhere in business UNTIL you have nailed the above.


How can I help YOU set and achieve your goals?


I love working with women who are ‘ready’ which means that they’re so fed up and frustrated with where they are, they are highly motivated to do what it takes to leap forward. That’s my passion.

If you’re feeling this as you read this, then perhaps we should talk…one to one? Let’s explore how I can help you this year with your business and maybe even your confidence and inner wobbles?!

Here’s my offer:

I’ll devote (and I mean devote) 20 minutes of my time to talk over the phone directly to you one to one covering what’s not working in your business…as my 2015 gift to you..it’s on me its at no cost to you.

All you have to do is email me at support@nullalexandrawatson.com with ’20 mins with Alex’ in the subject title and she’ll set you up. Could NOT be easier, could NOT be more exciting! I look forward to speaking with you!

You’re ready right?