Lisa Hawkyard - The Interview | Alexandra Watson
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Lisa Hawkyard – The Interview

As days roll into weeks and weeks roll into months it’s incredibly enriching for the soul to nurture the personal touch of one-to-one communication in this world of social media and digitalisation.

So, as a breather for myself combined with keeping that human element, I find myself making my way to the Essex suburbs to connect with the rather wonderfully down to earth Lisa Hawkyard.

Lisa is one of my incredible experts who has joined forces for the Success Experience as our Positive Mindset and Confidence Coach. the knowledge amongst these individuals is second to none and there is an undercurrent of anticipation of the developments of this year as we elevate from strength to strength.

Not only is she a self-created career woman but she ensures that it works around her family and the various activities of her children.


We have arranged to convene for a rather lavish afternoon tea at a Country Hotel set in sumptuous grounds enhanced with an abundance of floral display.

As the glass doors part and my heels echo as I walk across the marble-floored foyer I am met with luxurious surroundings and a welcoming smile as I ask the receptionist for Lisa’s whereabouts.

Being guided towards a large conservatory illuminated with streams of sunlight beaming through the glass panels and onwards to the far corner where the lovely Lisa raises her head to greet me with smiles and a sparkle in her eye.

There’s something very endearing about this woman. Warm, a glint of fun and a deep sense of having found that entrusted friend.

The scene is set and the tiered stand of delicately cut sandwiches and the array of oh-so tempting filo and cakes are placed not far enough away! Well – it would be rude not to indulge. After all we are here for afternoon tea.

Seated at the ornate, circular table with high backed, crushed velvet chairs, we settle into a girly get together!

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