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You know the feeling you used to get going to a theme park? Great excitement, anticipation and wonder? Well yesterday, for the first time, I felt frustration, impatience and wonder…frustration because I forgot my sons coat and had to buy a fleece in the kiddie wear shop, impatience at how other mothers let their children do anything while standing in line and wonder at how much everything costs!

How did I go from great to grumbling? What changed?

Ok, so maybe because it was the last day of a very long Easter break (almost 4 weeks!) and I was a tad frazzled. Or maybe it was because when you have to compromise with an eight year old on which rides to go on, it kind of kills the fun a little. Or maybe it was because I needed a new life lesson.

Now as you know life lessons are important, but rarely come to us in good, happy, care free times. They usually are surrounded by a struggle of some sort.

My life lesson was to stop fighting myself…trying to make sense of everything when some things just are.

I love life lessons, even though they test you first. But I like to see the reason behind the situation…eventually and a life lesson gives you this.

So what did this lesson really teach me?

There are things you can change and there are things you cannot.

I cannot remember everything 100% of the time, so I WILL leave behind important articles of clothing from time to time.

I cannot ensure that every mother stops her darling little Harriot swinging on the barrier right next to me and kicking me every few minutes, nor can I change the price of a latte and blueberry muffin that has not competition nearby.

In other words…I bought the ticket to Legoland, so I have to take it warts and all. It is what it is.

So guess what? This morning I found myself telling my son about the life lesson (he is used to me talking about these) and bless him, he took it on board understanding that mummy had grumpy moments for a reason, but now she knows better. She has had a bigger insight into life and can now get on with it with less moaning and more enjoyment. So thank you Legoland!…and can I get a refund on the fleece please?

Photo by Fido under Creative Commons licence