Leadership Success for Women – Part I | Alexandra Watson
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Leadership Success for Women – Part I

Success is Attitude:

I think it is often difficult for women to climb the success ladder and in these next two blogs I’m going to explore WHY that is. We have very specific issues when it comes to success, quite different to men, and I will be focusing on how we can truly make more of an impact without losing ourselves in the process.

Like the headlines suggests, our success is all about our attitude. How we approach and deal with the challenges and opportunities at work will determine how well we do. Let’s take a common example just to see how this works; you didn’t get the promotion…

OK so some companies have a very solid promoting process where you can pretty much work out which level you will be at because you have been with the company for x amount of years. So if you don’t get the regular promotions you must be doing something very wrong. That’s a whole other story.

Let’s look at the less regulated ladder, one in which you and perhaps a few others are up for the same position. This means you have to really prove yourself consistently and prove that you are worthy enough for that spot…a much better choice than the other two.

So this is where we hit our first female issue which could prevent us from being a true leader and move up to the next level;

We secretly want everyone to like us.

Very few women are highly competitive and feel so secure in themselves that pushing to get a promotion isn’t an issue at all. It is more likely that we will wait to be asked. Men have no problems asking for more money or a promotion…women however, do.

How can you be a leader if you won’t ask for the chance? And why are we so polite and shy that we convince ourselves that it is ok to wait? Do we think that if we come across as too strong people won’t like us? Would we feel too aggressive? A troublemaker?

The answer of course is in your attitude.

It isn’t about copying men, nor is it about being someone you’re not – it is about knowing something and knowing it completely and that is…

…you are a natural born leader

No, I’m not trying to motivate you or give you a boost, this is the truth. Naturally, women make fantastic leaders because we have so many of the perfect skills necessary such as; compassion, strong instincts, we are visionaries, planners, organisers and multi-taskers, we are highly sociable and thorough.

The problem is, if we don’t SEE this or BELIEVE this about ourselves, then we are destined to struggle. Success is your attitude and your attitude should scream Natural Born Leader…without being embarrassed, without permission from anyone else and without a sense of irony.

In Part II I’ll be looking at more leadership techniques and tactics for women.