Leadership for Women part II – You are the key to Change

We’re entering an era where women are becoming key to the change, growth and innovation in many industries and so leadership…authentic leadership for women is becoming paramount.

Each industry has its own flavour, culture and approach when it comes to women employees. Some are enlightened and others are more, let’s say, mechanical in their dealings with hiring high performing women. Women only currently hold 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions (Forbes), and yes, while we may be making progress, we still have a lot of work to do. And we cannot help ourselves as women if we don’t know exactly what particular skills and unique qualities we can bring to the boardroom table.

Whatever industry you’re in, even if it is historically a male environment, it needs your particular leadership skills to ensure growth and a successful future. So stop looking over your shoulder or waiting to be invited, this is your time to be the change, the leader and the change-maker.

The best women leaders are in no-way one dimensional or male-like…they are in fact well-rounded, down to earth with their finger on the pulse but also have a great sense of the culture around them and can easily switch gears between the latest news and the latest must-have item.

Mainly though, their sights are set on making a difference, whether that is in the workplace or in the world searching out opportunities and collaborations. Needing to solve problems that other have failed to do, they are tireless in their approach and unafraid of making mistakes.

These top women leaders invest in themselves and become knowledge seekers. They are not afraid to ask questions, often awkward ones, in the quest for inspiration, new ideas and ideals.

Cunningly cautious and in need of trust, these women want assurances before they move ahead with someone requiring all the facts and figures before they make an important decision. Authentic yet practical, they enjoy a good challenge because this will allow them to show off their skills and give their voice a platform.

Successful women do not rely on favours, they earn their respect and believe that they can help themselves by helping others. As great team players they prefer to help the team succeed (without taking the spotlight) looking more for the respect that comes with making a positive impact.

Certainly women like this understand survival. They are in touch with their inner warrior and will fight for what they believe in. They are also masters at reinvention becoming who they need to be in order to create that significant change.


Here are my Top 6 Leadership Values of a high-performing woman

1. She is an Optimist

They have strong optimistic mindset seeing the opportunity in everything – even challenging situations.

2. She will Go Deep

Women observe things in a different way and instinctively want to ‘go-deep’ in situations in order to get to the root of the matter.

3. She is Organic

Successful women know that the best things are accomplished when they are done naturally and unforced. When things happening this way everyone functions at a speed that is safer and risk adverse.

4. She is a Doer

Women get things done. Give her several hard, complicated tasks and she’ll juggle them all and ensure each one is completed above and beyond expectations.

5. She is Creative and Resourceful

It is a natural talent that women can make something out of nothing…delicious, meals, a beautiful home and a happy productive work place. Easy-peasy.

6. She creates Meaning

Women leaders love inspiring others. They know what it’s like to be the underdog and work hard not to disappoint themselves and others. Women leaders in particular often have high standards with a massive attention to detail.

And yet they are natural nurturers, good listeners and excellent networkers/connecters. They enjoy supporting and bringing together people for a cause.


My next blog will be looking at continuous learning for women