I wasn’t always the person I am today! During and and after University, I found it very difficult to forge a path for myself. I wasn’t going down the route that was expected of me so life felt like a bit of a battle – it resulted in a lot of self doubt and not very much confidence….

Eventually I fell into a career in construction, a very male-dominated industry, of course. Steadily, I built a history and reputation spanning 15 years.

And although this career was, on paper, a successful one, there was always something missing and during this career path, I started to become much more aware of things other than my day-to-day routine, not least of all the realisation that people, and women in particular, do not always reach the potential they were born with.


There are many reasons for this and through researching them, The Sirius System was born – and much later, my thinking about The Spiral Effect – which is made up of three parts, Imposter Syndrome, The Jonah Complex, and that little voice in your head, or what I like to call ‘Keep your head down-itis!!‘.

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