How Your Values Lead to Success | Alexandra Watson
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How Your Values Lead to Success

What values do you live by? If you know this you are one mighty step closer to being very successful. Why? Because knowing what you value means you understand the very essence of who you are. Not knowing this however, means living your life from one mediocre moment to another, so it begs the question: do you know who you are?

It may seem a rather over dramatic question but most people don’t actually know. They are never really consciously aware of what ideals they appreciate, respect orpossess as principles to live by. And so not being of aware of this can create a very jagged journey towards success filled with frustration and self-doubt as you have no inner direction or guidance.

So knowing your values is key and your first step, then honouring comes next – in other words living by them because this means you are being true to yourself. Any successful person will tell you to be true to yourself, otherwise any achievements you make will not feel like success.

Don’t make the mistake that I see many people do which is to make big personal or professional decisions without knowing or going with their values.

Here is my quick guide to Value Success:

Values are qualities like honesty, integrity, creativity, love and commitment. If you can’t think immediately of one that relates to you, then think about what characteristics you admire in other people. What’s important is that you choose what appeals to you, not something you THINK should or be something you already have.

Step One: Give yourself five minutes, with a pen and paper and write down at least six values that ‘speak’ to you. Number them one to six.

Step Two: Take out any that you feel are not genuinely yours and may have been adopted from someone else. Then feel free to add and amend others until you have your definitive six.

Step Three: Next swap them around until you have them in order of importance…so your top, cannot live without value, should be number one and so on.

Step Four: Take a good hard look at your top three. These 3 rule your life. Think about a time you made a decision that went against them…did that end poorly? Now you know why! From now on ensure that every decision you make honours them and see what a difference that makes to your success.

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