How to Be More Successful, Earn More Money and Live Your Life to the Full | Alexandra Watson
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How to Be More Successful, Earn More Money and Live Your Life to the Full

I’m often asked, ‘How do I become more successful?’ or ‘Where do I find success?’ And my answer is always; ‘Look no further than yourself’

We need to tune into our ‘Successful Mind’ – our innate capability of being all we can be. It’s a place where we are highly tuned into what we need and want – and how to get both with ease. You’ve probably heard a lot about inner wisdom and personal power over the years but The Successful Mind concept brings them together in such a way that takes you naturally forward.

Being successful at being successful is an inside job because the desire to be successful may lie in your heart, but the ability to create success lies in your head. Your chance of being successful infinitely increases when you develop what I call The Successful Mind. The truth is that ‘success’ lives within you all the time, but your ability to access it depends on your state of mind.

Let me explain further: The roots of what we want most in life, namely; happiness, success and wealth lie deep within us. Every element needed to create these (and some say health too), starts and ends in our ability to master our own minds and developing a successful one. Much of the time we live with varying degrees of limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negativity – all of them living in the mind and have been for a good part of our lives and even though some of us fight to stay as positive as possible, it’s not really enough to plug into our real mental power. For that we need more focus and commitment and a belief that we too have the ability to be successful.

Here are my top three tips for developing your Successful Mind so you too can create more success, money, happiness and health in your life:

1. Be OK with fear – wanting success is one thing, but actually taken the action needed to become successful means getting over your fears.

99% of us fear success and just as many fear failure and some of us fear both! How on earth are we supposed to become successful if we dare not make a move?!

Here’s the thing…we have to become comfortable and accepting that our fears will always be there in some degree or other BUT don’t ever let them stop you getting what you want.

Successful people feel the fear and do it anyway!

2. Know Your Power – do you know who you are? Really, really? I ask you this because most people will say yes they do know who they are and then proceed to rattle off a list of identities, like mother, business owner, home owner, entrepreneur or perhaps go deeper and say they are a positive person and someone who has a passion for helping others and so on and so forth – but that’s NOT who you really are.

You are much more than that – you are in fact a very powerful and creative human being and THAT is the place you should come from when making decisions about your success and your future.

You are powerful because you decide and in fact create your future and so know that and use it.

3. Taking Success Actions – You know the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’? Well it actually goes deeper than that and here’s why…

As you may have already experienced in life people can say one thing and mean another. Sometimes this is done on purpose but most of the time it isn’t. Every day we can be saying to ourselves, or out loud; ‘I am going to be more successful!’ but our actions never quite follow suit. Our intentions and the subsequent actions are not congruent and so success is not going to be knocking at our door any time soon if we have made this a habit.

Success Actions are exactly what you think they are. They are actions you take that move you closer to your success. Success Actions are in alignment with your intentions, they support your goals and so are vital.

So how do you stop yourself from staying in what I call ‘struggle mode’ and step into ‘Success Mode’?

First you have to be aware of what you are doing with your actions. You can start now by looking back over the last few days to collate what Success Actions you’ve taken or not. It is important to see what you did or did not do that moved you along your Success Journey. Get a feel for the mode you’re in…is it struggle or success?

If you have found that most of your recent actions have been in success mode then take account of what percentage…is it 60%, 70% or more? No matter what your score is look towards improving it so that you accelerate your success.

If you are looking for a step by step guide to becoming more successful, earning more money and living your life to the full then go here for how you can do this easily in just two days – The Success Experience