How Great are Your Expectations For Success? | Alexandra Watson
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How Great are Your Expectations For Success?

Your expectations have an enormous amount of power. Like you thoughts, theyinfluence your reality. With everything we experience in life we hold some expectation and so the good or bad feelings we feel afterwards are a direct result of what we were expecting.

Now some say they can enter a relationship or go to an event having no expectations whatsoever…they just go with the flow.  Analysing what they think during or afterwards shows that they really do have expectations whether they are aware of them or not. It’s impossible not to have them because we have inner desires that we are not always aware of.

We always have certain expectations about relationships, careers, events or anything that we are involved in on any level. We can’t help it. And quite frankly having expectation is not a bad thing, we only don’t want them because we are afraid of being hurt or of feeling disappointed.

Equally, having high expectations is not a bad thing. Who wants to have low expectations and then be right? Even if you are disappointed then at least you’re aiming high in life and not settling for mediocre.

When it comes to your expectations…are they great? Ask yourself the following:


  • What are my expectations of life?
  • Do I expect to succeed?
  • Do I expect to be happy?
  • What do I expect of others?
  • What do I expect of myself?


I think it’s important to note one thing here and that is that having high expectations must come with a balance. By that I mean you cannot have high expectations of yourself and others and not have a great deal of compassion too otherwise you just become a monster!

So, bearing that in mind also ask yourself:

  • What beliefs do I base my expectations on?
  • Are all my expectations my own or are any adopted from someone else?
  • How have your expectations changed over time…have they mellowed or intensified?

Your expectations say a lot about you and will have played a huge part in getting you where you are today, be that good or bad. So if your expectations are working for you then they are indeed great! If, however, you’re not as happy as you could be with your life then your expectations could do with an MOT (Motivational Objective Test).

  • Begin your check up by simply asking yourself:
  • Are my expectations always positive?
  • Are they powerful enough?
  • Do they support my goals?

Finally, don’t ever expect someone to change; there is nothing more futile and frustrating. Don’t ever expect anyone to be anything other than his or her self. In the same vein, never spend time trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. Be yourself and never let the pressure from anyone make you act any differently.

WARNING: Alexandra’s clients have been succeeding at a vast rate and so if you do decide to harness this ‘Successness’ then we EXPECT success for you too when you work with Alexandra one-to-one. To find out how to get started contact us with ‘Successness’ in the subject title and we’ll get straight back to you. Expect the best!