Get Organised and Success Comes Faster | Alexandra Watson
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Get Organised and Success Comes Faster

One of the great keys to great success starts with the ability to become organised. For most of us this is not a skill but a habit that you have to attain by constantly reminding yourself over and over again to be and stay organised. In many cases being organised is not focused on enough, people tend to focus on where they want to get and skip the details of where they are at in the now. This can be a huge downfall in the long run and one thing is for sure, taking that extra minute to be organised will save you time in the long run.

Here at Time to Shine HQ being organised is not just a personality trait, it is a job requirement. With so many different programs and events going on within the company and around the organisation it is impossible for any of us to do our job without having great organisational skills. I have listed a couple key traits for you to implement to yourself and your team to assure you have enough organisation to avoid wasted time!

Learn How To Become Organised! – This is obviously the beginning and most important aspect to becoming organised. You need to find how to be reminded to do certain things so that it becomes muscle memory. You cannot just one day decide to be organised without falling into old habits or forgetting. The way that taught myself to be organised was to set alarms. No not to wake up, to remind me of what I need to do and at what time to do it. Seeing these reminders alerted me to make sure I did not forget about anything and was a great starting point to gaining that muscle memory.

Create An Agenda – This is one of my favourite ways to stay organised. In fact all of us here use this method to assure we do not forget any of our responsibilities. Create yourself an agenda where you write down all of your responsibilities that are due. As people ask you to do things you write those down. As you finish each you check it off or in my case highlight it. At the end of each day you take all of what you did not finish andtransfer it to a fresh sheet of paper. If you do this correctly you will never forget any of your responsibilities therefore not allowing anything to slip through the holes!

Keeping It Clean – This is just mandatory in being organised. Whether you deal with paper work, email, post-its, phone notes, contracts, etc. it is essential to keep it all organised. Take that extra step and create labels for your email, create folders for your notes and paper work and you will see a drastic improvement in your information. Be sure you’re taking that extra minute or two to clean and organise all of your work.

I Challenge YOU to take that extra step and become more organised! You will see the benefits immediately!