Can you Accelerate your Success? | Alexandra Watson
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Can you Accelerate your Success?

I hope you’re on the road to success this year because once you’ve started your success journey you can make progress quickly, in fact I think it is essential that you have the element of speed when it comes to Success Seeking. Speed has a way of building momentum and creating more confidence – it can make you feel more dynamic, more alive and on track because success has a certain energy about it.

Can you speed up how successful you become?


In truth success needs to be flying high, it needs freedom and vibrancy in order to last and that energy has to come from you. Your ‘success energy’ is a part of your Successful Mind. Because a Successful Mind thinks and makes decisions quickly and with confidence it creates a certain high energy. Deliberation and over-thinking creates doubt, low energy and an overall sluggishness which is a difficult environment for success to survive in. So think fast linking yourself to your instinct (gut feeling) to make accurate and strong decisions.


A Successful Mind thinks and makes decisions quickly


Not everyone feels that speed is a natural or indeed authentic energy for them as they prefer to take things easy and use reflection and deep thought as a way forward. Both are very important in life, but are more valuable at significant times in our lives which incur major change. Success is important but it is not a significant moment in your life because it is in effect all the time – or it should be. It doesn’t need to be reflected upon, it just needs to be acted upon. Every action you take towards success will be rewarded and substantially too. You will be rewarded with more confidence, or understanding, or knowledge or an actualisation of your success desire.

In truth, taking your time is procrastination cleverly disguised as a success method. Speed things up and be eager for success with a real sense of urgency because this approach will help you through the tougher times of your success journey.

Let’s face it, the opposite to success is stagnation and you don’t win any prizes for staying poor and a victim of circumstance – you need 100% commitment to your success, otherwise you’ll get distracted and never reach your goal.
What action can you take TODAY to speed up your success?

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