Be Brilliant, Be You – Part 1

7 Tips to Being Authentic in all you do and being happy

Debbie Brimble is an Inner Brilliance Coach, Speaker and Creator of the Embrace Your True Brilliance Program for Women. The program has been designed for conscious women who are ready to be the creator of their own experiences and step into their power and express their free will.

She inspires brilliant women to be empowered and step into a life which is truly in alignment with their values, without limiting themselves, restoring their love for themselves and creating a crystal clear vision of the future.

If you are ready to be the creator of your own experiences and step into your power in the most authentic way. To find out more about Debbie, visit

Debbie’s is a great believer that we all entered the world as brilliant and powerful beings. Some of our experiences leave us feeling disempowered, as we feel unloved by others, low self-worth, worthless, helpless, confused, hopeless, you don’t feel like yourself and you fall out of love with yourself. So many clients ask how they can regain their empowerment and my answer always includes one word … AUTHENTICITY! Being authentic and living in your true authenticity enables you to have a renewed self-awareness and self-knowledge. Everything we seek is always found within us, so of course the best place to always start is inside.

When you are truly being authentic, you learn to accept everything positive and even the non-positive aspects about you. You know your strengths and weaknesses and you are comfortable with them. Being authentic is all about being real, being genuine. It is about being true to yourself, who you are and what your values are. For Debbie, authenticity is all about being true to herself, being true to who she is and living a ful lled life in line with her values and beliefs and being in true alignment with yourself.


• One day waking up and realising that you don’t really know who you truly are.

• Feeling completely loss and confused about the direction of your life.

• Discovering that the life you are living is the life others envisaged for you.


During her 15 years of working in the Information Technology (IT) industry within an Educational Institution, her main focus was on customer services excellence. It was all about the people, rather than the technology. Often she was told that she wasn’t the typical ‘IT bod’ as she had heart, which is not something that is usually heard by ‘IT techies’. Developing those who worked with her became a huge passion and that became the aspect of her role she loved and she began to really feel disempowered because she also had to do tasks which were not in alignment with who she was. She termed this as the negative side of being a manager, having to do things the way the organisation wanted, which were very bureaucratic and selfless, focussing on the processes, rather than the person. She just didn’t feel truly happy or fulfilled in what she did.

Debbie’s own journey to being an Inner Brilliance Coach has been one of self-discovery. She sought the answers in so many different places. Only to realise the answer was deep within. There were 7 specific strategies that were used to tap into her inner brilliance which she will share with you in part 2 of ‘Be Brilliant Be You‘ next week.