5 Ways to Easy-Success | Alexandra Watson
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5 Ways to Easy-Success

Here is my guide to making setting the right tone for easy-success (yes there is such a thing!) for the next six months of the year, so you can stop your pondering and wondering and get going in the right direction!

Before you can be ready for Success you need to dump the following immediately…

  1. What doesn’t work for you (this can be strategies, people, activities)
  2. What you don’t like doing (life is tooooo short! Stop people pleasing!)
  3. What you’re competitors are doing (be all YOU can be!)
  4. Any negativity (it will keep you down and out of the game)
  5. The next shiny bright object! (no more distractions!)


Hang on to:

  1. What worked (so you can improve it)
  2. Your determination
  3. Your belief in yourself

Are you barking up the wrong tree?

Some people spend their life trying to achieve things that they don’t actually want. As the expression goes, ‘It’s like putting your ladder up against the wrong wall’! I know this because I spent years doing this myself. It can leave you burned out, frustrated and confused.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in Goals – ‘Soul Goals’ that is. It’s a term I came up with back in 2003 when I was coaching 80% of my time on helping my clients create goals that actually inspire them and work wonders. ‘Soul’ because you have to use your inner wisdom to create your goals and NOT your logic (very closely followed by your fear). So much time and effort is wasted when you make the WRONG goals and this way of planning ensures that you come from a very authentic place instead.

I also believe that once you’ve made a soul goal, you’ve set an intention, made a firm decision and are pointing in one direction – this is a vital step for your success. But here’s the thing…you must above all understand that your success is ENTIRELY up to you. You can decide, accept, reject and mold and make things as you want them to be…no matter what circumstances you face.

So what Soul-Goals are you going to set today?