Designed and taught by Alexandra, 10x Success is at the heart of her renowned The Successful Mind Method concept.

10alex_cross-40 is a quantum leap based breakthrough programme  that rips apart the old slow ‘step by step’ philosophy and trains on how to stop systematic thinking and instead create inspirational leaders and teams to forge the future.

“10x Success is about exploding your results, rather than incremental progress. It’s like multiplying instead of adding.”

The concept has been designed to shorten the road to success, turning a foggy, uncomfortable and long journey in to a short smooth ride. The concept works whether you are a business, a team or someone looking to making a leap in life.


To get ten times your current results 10x Success is a superior, fast coaching and training solution to gaining more in a SHORTER period of time.


You must realise that in today’s world slow and steady NEVER wins the race.


Making a quantum leap means becoming the best that you can be and to be successful, you need to live in an excuse-free environment and NOT accept present circumstances but instead go for a breakthrough – it is easier than you think, and comes without a time-consuming struggle.


The 10x Success formula creates stunning advances in achievement so you will need a head for heights and a willingness to move to a higher orbit so you will be skipping several rungs on the ladder as you ascend.

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