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Best-selling author, Keynote Speaker and Leading success Mentor

I help teams and individuals to become more effective, confident, successful, assured and focused using my breakthrough ’successful mind’ methods. These proven tools get you further, faster and give you clarity with big thinking so when it comes to results, the sky’s the limit!

It’s time to 10alex_cross-40 (Ten Times) you and your team’s success


Let the world see what you can do!

Alexandra’s mission is to create high performance cultures by helping your team use her methods to:


Deliver bottom-line results and higher profits in minimum time

Improve workflow, organisation, and time management

Prioritise and focus on high-value activities that drive productivity


If you want to get more productivity (and profit!) out of your most important asset—your employees—then hire Alexandra to speak at your next meeting. They will get more done, with less stress, and feel great about it.

10alex_cross-40 Them All

Alexandra’s Specialised Coaching and Training Methods will Impact the Following:




We get to the heart of what makes a team or individual reach another level of accomplishment consistently




Slow and steady NEVER wins the race, why take small steps when you can smash through to the top?




Imagine getting ten times the results you do now – this is a MUST-KNOW method Alexandra can teach you and your team




Begin integrating Alexandra’s specific leadership mastery, mindset and methods for a real transformational outcome




Harnessing the power of failure, feedback and measurements to create a system for continual expansion and growth




When others are focusing on taking action or even ‘massive action’, we go deeper and teach you and your team the superpower of how to reach the exceptional

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